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It is a program that lets you update all your PC applications in one click
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Allmyapps is a Windows application, which allows you to install new applications to your PC, remove the unnecessary ones and update the installed ones. Also it displays you a complete database with recommended applications and games, which can be installed on your computer directly from its interface.

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a professional PC user because the installation process is simple and it doesn't require any advanced PC knowledge.

First time you run it, Allmyapps will automatically detect the installed programs on your PC and check them for available updates.

Once you launch Allmyapps, you will be really impressed by its graphic user interface. Users can find their way around Allmyapps with ease because all the buttons and the other interface items are intuitive. Using these buttons, you can view several lists with your installed programs, with the recommended applications and with the latest updates available.

An important advantage of Allmyapps is that it lets you discover a large number of useful applications. Furthermore, it lets you choose the category of the software you need. In this way, you are able to search specialized applications for web development, multimedia, security or communication. That is not all. Allmyapps can be a real friend in searching the perfect games for you. A large variety of games are available to install on your computer via Allmyapps.

If you heard about a new PC application or a cool game, Allmyapps allows you to search for it using the built-in search engine, download it in a fast way and install it on your computer with ease.

Allmyapps is a handy utility recommended for anyone who wants to increase the usefulness of their computers by installing new programs, reduce the use of system resources by removing the unnecessary ones and have a computer refreshed by updating the installed applications.

Josephine Seaman
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